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The REAL definition for blowholes is those things on whales' and dolphins' heads
Whales and dolphins have blowholes.
by Kenthar March 20, 2003

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A really weird name for a zombie.
Human zombies eat human brains = cannibal

Zombies are animated corpses = corpse

Cannibal corpse
by Kenthar October 12, 2003

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Acronym for "What would I do?"

This is commonly used in roleplay (like D&D, for example) when you're RPing as yourself and must stop to think "What would I do?" before you make your character take an action. Otherwise, you'd say it when faced with a very tough decision. This is somewhat similar to WWJD.

You also say this before someone's going to get themselves killed, and you don't know what you'd do without them.
1. "Hmm, alone, and surrounded by 10 bloodthirsty shadow dragons. WWID?"
"I could buy some pizza, or some tacos. WWID?"

2. "WWID if you died? I don't know - that's what!"
by Kenthar April 10, 2004

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A lovesick dude in this guy's (William Shake-sphere) play or something.
I had to remake a happy ending for Romeo and Juliet. Romeo got posessed by a demon.
by Kenthar October 12, 2003

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Machine Pistol-5, a weapon manufactured by Heckler and Koch. Mainstray weapons used by anti-terrorists, police teams, and many online games.
by Kenthar March 18, 2003

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The console command to pwn someone, or inform someone that they have been pwned.

In the Quake 3 engine, and others, the forward slash is used to denote that you want a cvar command (if you typed it without the slash, then it would be a "say" command, and broadcast to everyone in the game).

/pwned may be said on purpose rather than commanded to show emphasize the action of the pwnage without using many exclaimation marks, 1's, and oneoneones.
N00b: *shoots Kenthar with N00b Cannon* h@h@ l00ser. y00 di3 + i w1n!!!111!11oneone!!11!11oneone!!11111exclaimation pointexclaimation point!!11one
Kenthar: *While N00b is typing, knifes him in the back of the head* /pwned
N00b: OMG Typekiller! *leaves*


Admin: /pwned n00b
Server: N00b has been PWNED!
N00b: Abusive admin!
by Kenthar March 08, 2004

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Not knowing one's name and\or location. Used professionally by spies, thieves and snipers, but widely abused by Internet users.
You think your anonymous? I've got your IP address, fool!
by Kenthar October 15, 2003

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