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ass-kicking, or similar.
"Come get some!"
"Who wants some?"
by Kenthar October 15, 2003

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An anonymous being of the rodent persuasion.
"There's an anonymouse behind my dresser"
"Are you sure?"
by Kenthar November 09, 2003

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One who aids the clergy in their rituals, by bringing certain items to the table, or carrying the book for them to read. Of recent years, altergirls have been allowed as well.

Despite what everyone says, alterboys are just there to help, as one priest cannot do everything himself. Sometimes there may be a deacon to help when no alterboys are present, but this is not always the case. An astounding 0 reports, suspicions, and accusations combined of alterboy molestation have come to pass in my Church's history.
Considering I WAS an alterboy for two years and was not once molested, I think I'm well experienced to say so.
by Kenthar November 11, 2003

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Typekill (verb): To kill someone in a First Person Shooter while they are typing a chat message. A typekiller is one who does this.

Ignorant n00bs shout this when killed in such a situation, when they should have been more worried about finding a safe location to type, or actually playing, but they bitch at someone who might have snuck up on them from behind (so the typekillee might have died anyway even if "alert"), or shot first and asked questions later.

Most likely, saying "Typekiller" was made popular by Quake 3, which featured an unmistakable blue box with a ;) over the head of someone that was currently typing. In this way, there could be no excuse of "I didn't know you were typing"

This all has something to do with "honorable combat," which is an oxymoron unless you still live in the Middle Ages. The Code of Chivalry was kind of forgotten when knights were replaced by M40A1's and SAW's.
Player: It is in my expert opinion that we should lay down our arms and work toward the greater good. Together, we ca-
*Gets shot*
Player: WTH?! Typekiller!
by Kenthar April 14, 2004

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1. A very powerful Core unit in the game, Total Annihilation. The Can boasts a giant laser that takes 75 out of your energy reserves to fire.

2. A toilet

3. The (Trash) Can
1. Uh oh, a The Can is coming to my base! I need to surrender! SURRENDER! It isn't working! AHHHHH!

2. Bob: Hey Kenthar, I need to use The Can. Where is it.
Kenthar: Next The Can - 5 miles south, sucka!

3. He shoots! *throws a balled-up piece of paper at The Can* He scores!
by Kenthar January 26, 2004

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America's Funniest Home Videos, the show where you get to see a studio full of people laugh at other people being castrated on video. Fun stuff.
Dude! Did you see that guy get run over by a truck, then got his nuts hit by a 100mph baseball?! ROOFLES!
by Kenthar October 01, 2003

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This isn't an urban word, for one thing, but if the front page suggestion insists...

A group of persons forming a cohesive, usually contentious minority within a larger group.

The teams in the PC game, Alpha Centauri, are factions
Faction eradicated. Lady Deidre Skye has been captured and is awaiting your interrogation.
by Kenthar November 09, 2003

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