103 definition by Ken

a small town in the heart of kansas were extremly weird things happen from a metor that hit close by about 15 years ago
i wanna move out to smallville.
by ken November 17, 2004

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This is an old southern term used by my grandmother. It is a disrespectful term for a white person similar to "cracker" or "honky." I believe it comes from the fact that woodpeckers have reddish hair up top like white people.
That 'ole peckawood tried to steal my land.
by Ken May 04, 2004

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Orange County, California.
I hail from the O.C.
by Ken December 15, 2003

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A popular Japanese dance game normaly known as DDR. It combines quick movement with extreme coreography and coordination. It is usually played to extremely good techno-songs and it has 5 different difficulties; begginer, light, standard, heavy, and challenge. People who are very good tend to draw crowds at arcades (like me)and usually go for the hards songs suc as; max300, maxx unlimited, legend of max, etc.... And NOT only Asians are good at this!
try the game...you only hate it cuz you can't do it. and you know that...so get up and try it. Unless you are fat...then it might be hard.
also there is this song that is illegal to be in the united states called MAX. (period) and it goes up to almost 700 BPM...! X0
by Ken January 23, 2005

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A male who exibits his erect penis
from the bushes.
Don,t go near those bushes, there,s a flerker in there.
by Ken March 26, 2004

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synonym to yes
Girl: did you cheat on me?
guy: maybe...
by Ken April 30, 2003

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Ugly, hard on the eyes.
Since you painted your house electric pink it has become the eyesore of the neighbourhood.
by Ken November 29, 2002

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