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hoodlums running loose. Hardcore thug gang from churchie.
if you fuck with hrl they will not bash you
by Ken December 15, 2004
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Like any other sundae, this particular dish has all the fixins of the stereotypical run of the mill sundae. The exception here is that in place of ice cream, you have a platter of fried chicken, preferably with no bones. In the fried chicken sundae, "fixins" or toppings are added much more liberally.
Horatio F. Christ: My my this is a drab meal, I do truly hope that dessert is much more profitable.
Darius L. Rucker: Don't worry my good man. . . we have. . . Fried Chicken Sundaes!!!
H.F.C.: QUITE GOOD MY FRIEND! Quite good indeed, for this you will get a raise. I love fried chicken sundaes more than my wife and kids.
by Ken December 15, 2004
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When abusing someone in the heat of the moment, you can't decide whether to call them a fag or a fuck. So you call them a fack.
Chopz: i hope hot chicks are provided as well as relivant materials. ie gloves
Ken: Gloves
Ken: WTF
by Ken June 13, 2004
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To work the way a person or object is expected to.
I'm tellin' you Rufus, your ho is holding out on you. The bitch aint proper.
by Ken November 29, 2002
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1. Driving fast down the street.
2. Driving a car.
3. wippin and dippin
word created in california city of Oakland
We was smobbin to that breezzy/Girls crib.
by Ken January 1, 2004
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As long as you never work-out, and you drink a lot of vodka, then you will become a Seva
by Ken October 15, 2003
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