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To be stressed out

Originates from the household appliance creating steam that builds up pressure inside the kettle.
Dude dont worry about that exam
your getting a bit too kettle
by Keats September 18, 2004
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A verb for something that is really cool and exciting

Originates from the ticketing system at disneyland where different tickets would be bought for different categories of rides. E-tickets being used for the best rides.
Man, that movie was E-ticket!
by Keats September 18, 2004
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An object that constantly moves by itself
Check out this wierd thing i bought from the reject shop.

what is it?

it's a schkumer
by Keats September 18, 2004
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A lifestyle that consists of partying
passing out
then partying
then passing out
then going to the next party and partying...

and so on and so forth...
As soon as i finish school it's a life of hedonism for me!
by Keats September 17, 2004
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Used to describe a completely unrealistic fight sequence.
Under siege. tommy lee jones trys to stab steven segal with a knife. steven segal catches the knife in his teeth, rips out tommy lee's eye, stabs him in the head with the knife, then pushes him into some electronic equipment which causes the whole place to blow up.
by Keats April 9, 2005
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when something is so clever or a total fluke it's almost magic and absolute genius.

genius = genie arse

originating from the saying "pulling it out of your arse"
"Dude you pulled that from a genie's arse!"
by Keats October 6, 2004
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A station wagon made by Toyota. Appearing in many versions the AWD Caribs are unstoppable vehicles. Despite it's looks a Carib does better than most modified off roaders.
Surely your Carib can tow my Hilux through mud hole
by Keats November 27, 2021
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