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Small, adorable, friendly Asian girl. She has long lucious hair that looks fantastic when it's curled with her token curling iron. Loves to party and knows how to party right. She is guaranteed to win a dance-off. Extremely friendly and loyal UNTIL YOU PISS HER OFF! 3 strikes and you're out of her books. If you mess with her or any of her girls you better be prepared to face the concequences.
Person 1 "Did you see that small, gorgeous girl?"
Person 2 "Ya that's my pocket friend."
Person 1 "She's hot!"
Person 2 "She's GENIE!"
by anonymousgirlzrule February 5, 2010
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She can do anything she can beat cancers ass loves gardening and animals and is the sweetest person ever!!!
by Lynn racz January 24, 2018
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Genie is a super natural being usually symbolized with Lamps and Magic.
Alladin and his magic lamp
"You're wish is my command" said the Genie
by TaeminMaknae July 20, 2011
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1) To achieve enlightenment through the world's first and best vaporizing pipe, the Vaporgenie™.
2)A healthier, smokeless, sneakier way of getting your daily dose of THC
Hey Dre, Tryin' to get your 3 wishes granted?

We're runnin' low on the genie food, hit up T-snatch for that hooked green satch.

Yo Kurt, why you still rippin' on that brown genie dirt?
by Kongoßin January 19, 2009
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whoa ...genie is with jt!!!..
by jt February 20, 2004
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A Genie is somebody I genuinely consider asking out despite having literal confirmation from them they would say no.
"Genie is a Genie"

by The Seq man. November 27, 2020
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A wife that grants permission to her husband for a three-way. A genie tends to have a voice like Robin Williams and tends to have a face like him too.
Dude: My wife may look like a dude, but at least she's a genie!
Another Dude: Fuck yeah mate!
*High five.
by Tennywolf July 2, 2016
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