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a dating option consisting of going to the bar, getting smashed, and finding a life partner who has little in common with you except a liking for booze and sex.
Sarah: "Mindy, how did you and Roger meet?"
Mindy: "Well, I used disharmony.com. I picked him up at TGI Fridays on a bender, got preggers, and life happened.
by keVIInXI March 11, 2012

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a portable computing devise that fits more comfortably on your crotch than on your lap.
Donna: "Hey Jimmy, new lap top?"
Jimmy: "No. Actually, it's a crotch top. Wanna see my power cord?"
by keVIInXI January 28, 2011

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to void oneself of fecal matter in a computer literate way.
Boss: "Who knows where Milt went? His report is late!"

Milt's Work Bud: "I believe he is downloading the latest software."

Boss: "Well, alrighty then. Gotta love his initiative!"
by KeVIInXI July 31, 2011

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an expression used by forest animals (and humans, too) to show frustration and/or confusion about something or someone.
Yogi: "I can't believe that Mr. Ranger is still on my ass about those picnic baskets!"

Boo Boo: "Yeah. What the fuck, woodchuck?!"
by KeVIInXI July 16, 2011

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a compliment or insult used to imply that a person is somehow bigger than Oprah, the self-important celebrity multi-media megalomaniac.
Compliment: "Janice! You are sooooo famous. You're bigger than Oprah!"

Insult: "Janice! You are sooooo fat. You're bigger than Oprah!
by keVIInXI December 03, 2010

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A condition experienced by children at birth when their parents saddle them for life with names spelled like they were dumped out of an alphabet soup can.
1st-grade teacher: "Duh'Lousyannah, what an unusual name you have."

Student sitting next to Duh'Lousyannah: "What about me? I'm Chevy Cougar-Meloncamp Carr."

Student sitting next to Chevy C-M C: "These kids are name damaged!"
by keVIInXI August 17, 2010

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a term used to describe moving in with your lover with the expressed agreement that no sexual activities will ensue before marriage. Similar to "taxation without representation" but with a sexual aspect.
George Washington: "Benny, I hear you have moved in with your 15th mistress."

Ben Franklin: "Yes indeed! But, we are practicing cohabitation without fornication."

Thomas Jefferson: "How patriotic. Sign here."
by keVIInXI July 08, 2011

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