The same thing as cum or semen. Comes out a man/woman's hole. The Joy juice!!
Got Milt?
We do.
by Ashley March 1, 2003
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Ejaculate from the human male penis.

Milted - Past tense of milt.
Milty - Covered with milt.
Milting - The state of ejaculating.
Miltish - Resembling milt.
Dude, did you see that condom back there? It had milt all in it!

Oh, man...I need a towel. I milted all over myself.

I had a wet dream and now my sheets are all milty.

What the hell do you want?! I'm milting!

Dude, that medicine was was all miltish!
by Dude November 24, 2003
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Verb: Variation of Melt:

1. To make or become liquified, typically by heat

2. To make or become tender or loving

To milt, milting, or milted originated in America in the 21st century and was first put into common use by a guy who vaped in the bathroom.
1. The Wicked Witch of The West's third cousin twice removed, who had been banished to Florida, screamed, "I'M MILTINGGGG" when he made the cerebral attempt of getting in the ocean.

2. Wow, everything my amazing girlfriend does makes me milt... but not in the fish cum way, in the wow I just love her so much way.
by The Public Needs Black Sails November 27, 2017
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mother i'd like to

"In america it is MILF and in england it is MILT because the english think 'fuck' is offensive."
by ub3r1337 July 16, 2006
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Milt is some stupid bitch who enjoys to fuck more than one girl, then he attempts to blatantly ignore them until he gets bored and comes back in hopes of getting more pussy.

He's self centered, thinks he's better than everybody, and about 5 guys hate his stupid ass.
Milt fucked Sherly, then Jessica, then he fucked Seria. One time he fucked all three of them in one day.
by Conway October 24, 2004
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When some one eats ur jam sandwich and doesn’t eat the crust
Debbie u milting give me back my willy

by Mr Nina Trex March 17, 2019
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