78 definition by Kayla

An emo kids expression, complaints, or other emo comments.
Emokid1: All I really know is my heart is bleeding as I cry one thousand tears for you....
NormalPerson1: Stop it with the emoans...
by Kayla June 16, 2006

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a foreign asian car (e.g. honda civic or any toyota) that is tricked out or souped up for show, often with silver rims and an unnecessary spoiler often driven by an Asian but not necessarily.
Man, he got a hella cool rice rocket. I saw him driving it down the street yesterday.
by kayla December 02, 2003

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Shooz is the badass term for "shoes," usually describing very awesome shoes such as Pumas.
Oh man Fred, those shooz are awesome!
by Kayla June 19, 2006

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see "wigger"
boud is a wigger
by kayla May 12, 2004

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The best band ever to walk on the earth
Simpleplan is the best band ever!
by KAyla November 02, 2003

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it is a checklesivacian name that means snacks. It is also my moms last name.
Give me some Svacinas please.
by Kayla October 07, 2003

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pussy; female vagina
Justin says : " All i want for christmas is budduce"
by kayla December 08, 2003

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