10 definitions by Kate2197

When you trap your fart in a blanket and cover it on someone
Ewww!! You are disgusting , I can’t believe u Dutch ovened me
by Kate2197 May 13, 2020
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loving, honest, loyal, respectful, kindhearted person and appreciates anything that’s given to her. Does whatever she can to make her loved ones happy. Gets good grade but has a lot of enemies for being too nice. Great looks, overall very beautiful person inside and out
I wish I was friends with Anuska
by Kate2197 May 13, 2020
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She's smart,courageous,social, honest and generous, and she's every girls enemie. All girls are devastated wanting to be her. Most perfect girl out there...A rare beauty inside and out she can turn your whole world upside down. She is what every guy dreams of. Her kindness is to heavy to put her down. The way you treat her will reflect on how she treats you. Loyalty runs deep in her life and she expects the same from you. Love her protect her and adore her forever because she deserves it .. She's a keeper. she's always there for people very at first till she absolutely trusts you!! She is a bestfriend and a soulmate all wrapped in one ...talking to her makes you feel at home she's flawless....that's exactly what you mean to me.
Damn, look at Sapana! She’s an angel
by Kate2197 May 13, 2020
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