Met this really cool girl from the sunny coast the other day, I think she is defs worth the relo.
by WooJdog! February 3, 2018
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Family or family member, also includes adopted family and very close friends.
What's the business Relo?
He's cool, he's been my Relo since day one!
by Jimbo Rollins March 2, 2008
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My bestfriend got cheated in her relo with her friends brother
by Kate2197 May 14, 2020
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A deeply arousing relashionship generally between the chungwans . they truely get their freaky on in a Relo. A relo supplies the chungwans with deep anal arousion amen stimulation.
“I’m in a deeply arousing relo with a chungwan, in splurting affection and passion”
by Jojo siwack March 25, 2019
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I'm really just here for the casual stuff not looking for a relo
by Huehehhue February 26, 2020
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Also referred to as a cigarello, a blunt. Marijuana
"Dude, that dime sack i just sold you is enough for a relo."
by Shane420 June 25, 2005
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