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Hey bitch quit chuckin around

Stop chuckin around such me off
by Anonymous chuck February 9, 2021
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Chuckin’ can also refer to some of the things people do when high on meth. These can be demonstrated by an obsession to take things apart, such as DVD players or cars. It can be cleaning the bathroom and then deciding to rip out all the tile and quit the project halfway through. It can be excessive masturbation, jaw clenching, or teeth grinding. One common characteristic of tweaking is the impulse to start a project and then not finish it.
I woke up and my homie had been chuckin’ through my parent’s entire lake house everything had been pilfered through but nothing was missing!
by twackin on that gack September 3, 2019
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To undertake in an embarrassing fall whilst partaking in the popular children's game "duck,duck, goose". Not always used in the context of the children's game.
Jack: I was really afraid of chuckin' a meg today.

Jill: I was totally Meg'in today
by Not meg January 15, 2014
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Throwing fists in a fight
This dude came at me tonight, bro. So I started chuckin knucks on him until he was asleep!
by Brosephguay February 25, 2018
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To throw your hand up to hail someone or greet a friend done by throwing your hand up showing the peace sign backwards.
Originally from Houston,Texas.
Nigga I was rolling down in the turning lane chuckin the deuce at the homies.
by ty ty May 2, 2006
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