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A marijuana cigarette that is laced with cocaine.
Wana smoke a 'dirty'.
by K-Dawg July 18, 2003
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when you hold a fart for too long, and it finally pops inside your body before seeking its way outside. and after some time it slowly seeks out of your anus with a decayed smell that smells like old fart. (eg, could be the smell of a dead animal thast been dead for ages but still has not been cleaned up..)
david says: oh damn, i just had an internal fart
kevin *faints*
by k-dawg November 11, 2004
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when youre taking a piss and it splits into many streams. usually happens during your moring piss.
david says: sorry i'm late. i had a pee splice so i had to clean the toilet up.
by k-dawg November 10, 2004
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Gilby is quite simply put, a fucking alcoholic, You know Gilby is drunk when he is seen staring off into space, laughing at nothing.
"look at him laughing at nothing"

"Yeah, what a fucking gilby"
by K-Dawg April 13, 2004
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Noun: used to describe the excessively sun-exposed face of a female. It is brown and wrinkly resembling a catcher's mit.
Check out the catcher's mit face on that soccer mom!
by K-dawg November 08, 2004
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when you stick your dick up a hot bitch's ass and get it stuck
Aww Marty, you bildonged it AGAIN.
by K-Dawg March 14, 2004
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Literally a lot of super much fun. typically used in Alaska and northern California
Matt's party's are always supermuchfun
by K-Dawg December 25, 2003
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