Play Money. An often used Australian phrase in reference to money that is just lying around and can be used for leisurely activities.
I bought a car with play money
by TheGrammarNun December 22, 2016
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The best dive bar in Las Vegas. Voted top 5 bars in town. It’s world famous!
“When I’m in Las Vegas I always hit Money Plays dive bar at some point...24 hours of divy greatness!”
by 24.7.365 April 16, 2019
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In Madden a play that is basically impossible to defend and virtually nothing you do can change it, even if you know for sure the play is coming.
"Man it's 4 and 13 time to pull out the money play.....TOUCHDOWN!"
by SD6515 September 26, 2008
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A delusional mental state and way someone lives in which a person has somehow survived multiple situations that should have resulted in one's death, giving the individual a warped and nihilistic view of life. The individual will very rarely second guess participating in activities that are deemed detrimental or dangerous due to not caring for their own survival as they begrudgingly know they will survive and stay depressed.
Person 1: " Um, dude please slow the car down! This is not safe at all."

Person 2: " Why? Are you not having fun?"

Person 1: "It is 3 AM, and you are speeding on roads that are covered in ice! We are going to die."

Person 2: "I told you to not ride home with me, I've been Playing with House Money for the last five-years. So might as well make another wager to keep things interesting. "
by ZZtuschbag August 7, 2021
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A term used in Australia to justify using money to gamble or invest with it feeling guilty of losing it.
I used some of my play money to buy bitcoin.
by Skizter October 29, 2020
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