400 definition by Justin

1)Present tense of the word "shtuck".
2)The male reproductive wang.
I shtuck my shtick in the hole.
by justin February 03, 2004

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Blank clueless look.
Homer Simpson getting ripped of by Moe for the Flaming Homer. Spends all night looking blank and clueless, saying 'Moe, Moe, Moe..'
Met a few Indian co-workers with that clueless 'Moe' look from Homer Simpson.
Me Asking a question to a Moe co-worker:"Hey just start up notepad"

Co-worker: blank clueless look "what's notepad?"
by Justin March 15, 2005

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my next door neighbour
wtf is chung doing in the house next to me?!!?!? o wait he is my neighbour!
by justin October 12, 2003

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nicci is a weirdo
by justin July 04, 2003

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A transvestite, shemale, or whatever you want to call it.
I thought that chick was hot until she pulled out her dick, she's just another dumb chick with a dick.
by Justin October 30, 2003

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A weapon made by Halo 2 (Rocket Launcher)
designing team because they got sick of hearing complains from people without sight and left thumbs on how they can not score a single kill.
blind man: w00t! I actually won! Thanks SPNKR!
by Justin March 08, 2005

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Army Definition... Yeah, it stands for Heard, Affirmitive, Understood... but any soldier who says hooah is the second definition of hooah... Head Up Ass
Sgt - "Do you hear me Private?!"
Pvt 1 - "Hooah, Sir!"
Pvt 2 - "Yeah, he is pretty hooah sir."
by Justin January 27, 2004

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