1) Popular musician. Vocals and guitar for the band Nirvana. Died at the age of 27 due to a shotgun blast to the head.
2) Seat in the car that is behind shotgun. Since Cobain was beind a shotgun when he died, it got this name.
1) I wish Cobain wouldnt have killed himself.
2) Person 1: SHOTGUN!
Person 2: Aww shit, oh well. COBAIN!
by Ka October 15, 2004
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Seat in the car behind the passenger side seat
(walking to car)
friend 2: I got shotgun!
Friend 3: Left seat!
Friend 4: Cobain!
Friend 5: Since Friend 1 is driving, that means I have bitch... damn.
by Garrett Rift September 07, 2005
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When you are masturbating and you climax so hard that it hits you in the face like a shotgun.
guy 1: I hadn't had a wank in a week so I rubbed one out last night and Cobained myself.
guy 2: Loves a good Cobain
by dicklickmotherfucker October 28, 2015
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A person who is right-handed, and plays guitar left-handed.
Jimmi: I thought you were a righty
Joni: I am
Jimmi: Then why are you playing that air guitar left-handed
Joni: Because that's how I play guitar. I'm a Cobain
by falcolombadi81996 March 07, 2011
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A suicide in anyway involving a shotgun or firearm of anykind.
"Man that motherfucker pulled a Cobain, dudes brains were everywhere"

By Stephen Hite Baby
by Stephen Hite March 06, 2007
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1. Proper Noun: Popular Rock musician, died at age of 27 of self-inflicted shotgun wound to head.
2. Verb:
To kill oneself.
"I like Cobain's music."
"I think he pulled a Cobain"
by Stephen January 09, 2004
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