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the act of ejaculating in another's eyes so that they are unable to see
i gave her such a blunkett last night she mistook her tampon for a ciggy
by James Cartwheel July 10, 2008
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"Blunkett" (or "blunketts") is an alternative slang word for the poker term "blind" (or "blinds"). This relatively new term is being used more and more, primarily in informal poker tournaments held in pub and casino poker rooms throughout the UK, and is one of the fastest spreading terms doing the rounds at the moment. The phrase is rumoured to have originated in one of the local poker halls in Swindon but has spread as far afield as Bristol Casino and Reading.
If you are left of the button then you are the "Small Blunkett" and the person to the left of him/her is the "Big Blunkett"
by Daryl Vino Rhino May 25, 2009
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Blind as a bat, probably from having his head jammed so far up his own arse.
Blunkett is a cunt.
by Andy May 07, 2004
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Liberal apollogist. Multicultural Celebrationist. Is blind to the Islamification of the West.
Let's all celebrate Multicultural Britain & welcome the diversity that unlimited imgration brings.
(Isn't this AKA locust infestation?)

While we were partying someone drip-fed a whole Muslim army into the country. We fed, clothed & housed them. Educated their kids & gave them free health care.
Now they're ready to strike but no one dare to say anything because of the BLUNKETTISATION of the thought-police.
by shocked and off the fence February 13, 2005
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v. to dictate with blind optimism based on purely qualitative statements with absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. It may or may not involve gross hypocrisy depending on what an adjudicator appointed by the 'blunketter' decides. You can make the definition circular by describing the adjudicator to the 'blunkettee' as 'independent'.
'Sorry, no Christmas presents for the bairns this year, love, the boss has blunketted our overtime, saying it protects us by complying with the European Working Time Directive.'

'Stop that, I don't like it, or I'll blunkett you! For your own good.'
by Juan December 03, 2004
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The action which one's eyes make when walking along the pavement and two attractive ladies are forced to pass you, one on either side.
"they both had amazing tits I didn't know where to look, what a Blunkett"
by Jimmy Condom January 25, 2007
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Person, who is blind and claims to be the British Home Secretary.
I saw David Blunkett on the telly today.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
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