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A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.
Einstein once said, "imagination is more important than knowledge." He may be partly right, as I apologize, the above definition is for paradigm, perhaps allow me to better example a paradigm shift here. It isn't as wise to not publish a visionary who foresees a better future, using imagination as well as calculation that may ideal a greater reality, despite our seeming knowledge now of the society apparently. Ideally a paradigm shift is an ascension of sorts, like when humankind civillized or evolved, to the point where they stopped believing that the gods wanted them to sacrifice virgins. In a paradigm shift we'd again eat our vegetables instead of smoke them, we'd be creditted from and use what we're made of, such as Hydrogen for fuel instead of pollution. There is a huge higher set of relativity, that can solve virtually all of our foolish worldly problems, a paradigm shift could come from real leadership. Please believe first acknowledging an extreme atomic negativity which could nuke all of us dead, ridding the Earth of all Humans and so their problems, but also imagine on extreme opposite being that of atomic positivity, where prosperity for all simply depends on leadership for their work efficiency, and in that better extreme might most of our foolish little problems be solved also though truly.
by Joven February 22, 2007
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An unfortunate case in which a circumcision has taken the place.
Having no such foreskin, lacking or being without foreskin.
The foreskinless freaks at times behave like brain eating head hunting zombies.
The baby was foreskinless by the time the mohel sucked the blood from its penis.
by Joven August 03, 2006
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sexually transmitted disease.
also check sadistic twat delay, and stupidly tardy dick.
Someday you will sue the Government for many reasons, for things like pollution, odd scarring on your body, and std's coincidentally, among many relative issues, in addition to claiming the truer resources of our much more balanced commonwealth. So if somebody has an std, that person is to be compensated by the Government, Titus 1:12 and 1:16 exampling in the bible, states reprobate for any good work, so homework is reflectively nasty until they respect the prepuce and the younger people rights, then when they care to learn geometry in order homework means they are building their homes in direct alignment with prosperity equalling work efficiency, the young people will care to learn when they have an applied science. The higher equation factors 2 timely married virgins have no std's, they remain this way and this is their absolute solution. The absolute higher solution should not be shammed by opposing halfass methods. Advancing young people and everyone's rights does not reflect paying old witch doctors while the young person loses, he can not afford his home and land rights for evolution in due time as slave mice under polluter filthy concrete tar street city mentality..
by Joven March 24, 2007
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volting again, to volt again. hideous was its meaning, nasty, so thanks to urbandictionary we can refine, and figure better, like that other entry on this page somewhat.
in the act of had that person decided to revolt, to take over the government, to free the slaves.
The slaves did not know or want to feel depressed addressed as slaves, so the very person who was revolting for their freedom, such as with Jesus before TV and stuff, the authority figures barbarians whatever, had only our wordings, our monkey babble to try to contort to keep control. Jesus was considered revolting and so got nailed to the cross. Now with music and stuff like that, we may not only slang our own way, but refine when the real wise one comes and the others follow, then we can solve our problems, knowing that pro-choice means pro-life for example, or else until then they fail to solve the abortion problem most logically under pro-death conspiracy. Revolting how that is, runs the risk of getting nuked just to stop abortions, the big abortion.
Revolting how that dumbass thinks he's the Lord, editting over a dozen times, still mistaking his omega for alpha, revolting how clogged up of tar head assumptions the marijuana is here anyway, the only valid one reminds you eat your vegetables, all the other bs doesn't even really belong.
by Joven August 28, 2006
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Pro-choice conspiracy. Relating to retrospects with encouragement of death, such as worshipping the death of Jesus or assuming to expect an apocalypse.
Here is an example of pro-death conspiracy:
Abortion is as preventable after preventing circumcision.
However, abortion may be recommended prior to a would've been circumcision.
Had old barbarian religion of confusion, whether to worship the will of the crucifier or the Saviour, then came Hitler, crucifier or Saviour? Hitler spared saving millions and millions of would've been Jew babies, from the unnecessary torture and massacre at the end of their dinglings.
by Joven August 09, 2006
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1. a "drug" if you smoke it. 2. food if you could eat it.
marijuana with the THC seems a thing heard of many chemicals involved with natural brain activity, eat it like a food for sustaining naturally high capability, concentrate healthy improvements while subtracting harmful side effects just by eating the vegetable instead of smoking it. their low school did not teach you but know sane science you eat your vegetables, tobacco now if anything has chemicals while they increase garlic's that you wouldn't want to eat unless mixed with other food, then they ban garlic, then streets sells crystal caffeine for smoking then coca cola soda needs another stimulant once again. bottom line is that when jesus was quoted as saying "i am the alpha to the omega", it meant things like we are Hydrogen before and after to advance us well beyond their lowly smoky hoards of crude oil, Hydrogen then steams refined meaning of |smoking| from a hemp soup. Jesus meant alpha~omega or before~after from the time monkey men for millions ate a plant then few hundred or thousand now dumb monkey men smoke vegetables, then when civilized figuring it all out we can smoke affordably and legally enough marijuana or tobacco or the like not to need to smoke it.
A late 'System of a Down' song was singing about "eat all the grass that you want, accidents happen in the dark" they are deep of their truth be then known to the ignorant..
by Joven September 21, 2006
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Pro-death conspiracy; pro-choice actually means pro-life.
Refined as means pro-life, or else pro-death.
Pro-choice as refering to pro-death conspiracy, patterns before abortion. It lists quite a few, in a chain reaction of events, for instance, evil imbalanced money system from crude oil or dead word is fossil fuels, then the teenage girl hasn't enough of that filthy evil money, so then she thinks she needs an abortion since nothing for the baby.
In other words, when I was 17 and my xgf was 16, we wished to be married, she did not have the "pro-choice" which should have entitled her to marry me, so instead her parents forced slutty with others, which in turn led her to get an abortion.
by Joven August 08, 2006
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