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Murder of the foreskin, or parts clitoral, when and where circumcision is (to be made) illegal.
In committing circumcide, the jewey mohels still suck sucking many a bloody baby cock, while America failed to protect and respect a jew by banning circumcision, which if it had could've helped release stigma attached to barbarian stupidity, and could've showed Hitler a more powerful way to help stop circumcide by civilizing the savages rather then finding it necessary to put'em completely out of their misery in such a way that was deadly. If America had self worth sufficiently recognized it would've banned circ. and not let a jewey stock investor fall out cause a great depression, America on it's game that way would've helped Japan know better than to attack Pearl Harbor, if anyhow war a more considerate president banning circ. could've also known one warning shot nuke at most on side of human population could've shown with better communication to get Japan to surrender rather than assuming it necessary to nuke them twice directly.
by Joven December 19, 2007
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