Someone who advocates suicide or abortion as a means of population control. Also apparently someone who doesn't know the difference between who and whom, as exemplified in the definition by Skin Twig.
She's pro-death, but she hasn't killed herself yet because she has a mission to convince as many people as possible to off themselves before she dies, that way her life won't have been a waste.
by purplefeltangel July 17, 2006
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Many people may claim to be pro-life or pro-choice, however there is a growing populace of "Pro-Death" individuals.

One who is Pro-Death often suffers from apathy and encourages inane genocide among anyone- pro-life and pro-choice supporters included.
Pro-life spokesman Do not throw your fetuses away! They are our nation's future!
Me, whom is pro-death I don't care what you say! They are delicious!
by Skin Twig September 02, 2005
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Being not only prochoice, but encouraging abortion for the improvement of the human race.
Sally is prodeath and as a Planned Parenthood physician was the abortion Kevorkian.
by Adam Blake July 21, 2005
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Pro-choice conspiracy. Relating to retrospects with encouragement of death, such as worshipping the death of Jesus or assuming to expect an apocalypse.
Here is an example of pro-death conspiracy:
Abortion is as preventable after preventing circumcision.
However, abortion may be recommended prior to a would've been circumcision.
Had old barbarian religion of confusion, whether to worship the will of the crucifier or the Saviour, then came Hitler, crucifier or Saviour? Hitler spared saving millions and millions of would've been Jew babies, from the unnecessary torture and massacre at the end of their dinglings.
by Joven August 09, 2006
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