11 definitions by Journas

A piece of metal you put in fast food to make it heavier and, thus, easier to catch.
It took 3 fast food chains to stop the damn hamburger!
by Journas October 17, 2003
1)A sick person

2)A massive high
That dude's a fucking Journas!

I'm all journed up
by Journas October 10, 2003
Simply one of the best alternative bands in the world.
Blasted Mechanism kicks major ass!
by Journas October 9, 2003
Strongest of the Thundercats,also an expert in mechanics and just about anything that envolves building and technology. Kicks major Mutant ass
Reactor engaged, traction locked, all go!
by Journas October 19, 2003
a gathering of individuals, all of them male.

a party with no females, during which males end up burping, lighting farts and drinking idiotic amounts of beer.
i went to Jason's, but left immediatly...I was in no mood for another hose party
by Journas October 9, 2003