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The head of the Westboro Baptist Church. An incredibly hateful man who runs godhatesfags.com and godhatesamerica.com. According to this incredible asshole, the GI's getting killed in Iraq are God's punishment for not persecuting homosexuals. His cult has picketted their funerals with signs like "God Hates Fags," "America Is Doomed," "Thank God for Dead Troops," "God Blew Up the Troops," "Fag Soldiers in Hell," and "Thank God for IEDs." He's a horrible example of Christianity and has a big surprise coming for him from God when he dies. He is linked to thechristian identity movement, a white-supremacist organization posing as a church.
Here are the people in Hell, according to Fred Phelps.
Matt Sheppard
Reggie White
Ronald Reagan
Martin Luther King
Corretta Scott King
Mr Rogers
All US casualties of the Iraq War
The victims of the West Virginia coal mine disaster

It should be noted that Freddie had met several times with and praised the leadership of our best buddy Saddam Hussein.
by jonzo the weasel July 30, 2006

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A group of fucking liars who dragged John Kerry's name through the dirt on two false accusations:

1: "John Kerry never did anything heroic in Vietnam"
Acatually, John Kerry jumped off his swiftboat during a firefight to rescue a crew member who had falled overboard. And why don't you tell me about W's heroism while AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard?

2: "John Kerry betrayed his country"
Oh yeah? Let me tell you this. Out of concern for the troops being killed in Vietnam, John Kerry joined Vietnam Vets Against the War. John Kerry saw his country making a mistake and said so. That is patriotism. The "my country right or wrong" attitude is ignorance on par with medeival peasants.
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth sent out it's slanderous ads without the authorization of Bush? Bullshit.
by Jonzo the Weasel August 15, 2006

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A far-right fundamentalist christian church in Topeka, Kansas headed by Fred Phelps. Think Pat Robertson cranked up to 11. They are notorious for the "God Hates Fags" campgain. To show their message, they select funerals of US troops who died in Iraq to picket, saying that these kids got killed as punishment for America's failure to persecute homosexuals. They first made the headlines when they went to the funeral of hate-crime victim Matthew Sheppard with signs saying "Matt In Hell" and other messages. If there's ever a disaster in the world, you can bet your ass that they will have something to say. Whenever they demonstrate, little kids as young as 6 can be seen brought along to hold signs by their parents.
After the asian tsunami the statement was that it was a "blessing from God." Somehow the idea was worked in that it was set up at a time that it would kill alot of Swedish tourists, because apparently Rev. Phelps has something against Scandinavia.
During the disastrous 2005 hurricane season, the church celebrated with signs like "Kudos Katrina" "Welcome Wilma" "Bring it on Beta" etc.
Also, the US casualties of the war on terror? The 3000 victims of the september 11 terrorist attacks? Martin Luther King and Corretta Scott King? The 14 guys who died in that coal mine? Every last Catholic on Earth? Reggie White? The Pope? Mr. Rogers? Yup, they're all in/going to Hell.
Oh, here's a fact! Phelps' 200 church members may only marry within the church. The catch is, it's made up entirely of relatives of either Fred or his wife. Hey, there's more than one way to keep the gene pool chlorinated.
Remember, kids, who would Jesus hate?
A few messages from our friends at the Westboro Baptist Church!
"Matt In Hell"
"God Hates Fags"
"No Tears For Queers"
"Fags Die, God Laughs"
"FDNY In Hell"
"America Is Doomed"
"Thank God For Dead Troops"
"God Sent The IED"
"Fag Soldier In Hell"
"God Blew Up the Troops"
"Dyke Sows Wedd Here"
"Fag Priests And Dyke Nuns"
"Thank God For 9/11"

Hey Fred, thanks for giving all normal Christians a bad name."
by Jonzo the Weasel August 02, 2006

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One who cares for America and wishes to preserve the ideals of this nation's founders, all progressive men in their day.
Ben Franklin owned a Cannabis farm and George Washington was known to toke up as well. Plus, they wrote the Bill of Rights. They were liberals. They would start a riot if they could see how their ideals are getting assraped by the current government
by Jonzo the Weasel May 10, 2006

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New Jersey-based glam metal band. They aren't the most adventurous musicians, but hey, neither were AC/DC, and they still sound good. One of the few bands made up of nice guys to be still called metal. Their lineup is basically the same after 20 years, there have been no arrests, no pyrotechnics disasters (see Metallica and Great White), no stadium riots (see Guns n' Roses), no trips to rehab (see Ozzy Osbourne), no car crashes that killed other rock stars (see Motley Crue). Also, for some reason I can't understand, I can't imagine them being from anywhere but New Jersey. All in all, a solid band with a good career. Unquestioned masters of the power ballad.
Axl Rose was definitely the better frontman than Jon Bon Jovi, but there's no question about which one I'd rather get hang out with.
by jonzo the weasel September 11, 2006

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The ultimate weapon when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. It can even be thrown like a tomohawk should your intended victim appear to be outrunning you. However, if there is a red taffic light nearby, simply smash the window of the first car, kill the guy inside it, drive up after the primary target, and while passing, swing the bat full-force at his head. A decapitation guaranteed
So you wanna be a hitman for fat Alfredo, skinny Lou? Awrighty, take out Stupid Gianni and Smelly Joe wit dis baseball bat
by Jonzo the Weasel January 14, 2006

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The whipping boy of the music world for obnoxious posers who wish they had something intelligent to say.
Poser- Oh God! Is that rap you're listening to? That shit is the w-
Me- Listen, fuckwad- You go lose your virginity, then maybe we'll talk.
by jonzo the weasel March 28, 2006

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