when two guys poop into each others butthole, a type of fetish
larry and robert love foiling with each other
by robbieboy77 June 26, 2009
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Foil gives me great pleasure in multiplying binomials.
by Omikron October 2, 2005
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He scored a point by putting the point of his foil on his opponent's torso.
by The Professor November 8, 2003
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In Australia, a foil, is a $25AUD deal of weed.
by Diego July 26, 2003
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(v.) To publicly humiliate or embarrass someone. To prove someone wrong in an embarrassing manner. Synonymous with "own" or "pwn."
HP really foiled Falc by posting his gigantic rambling love letter to her for everyone else to see on the internet.
by dantehicks3737 February 15, 2005
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Stands for First Outer Inner Last

A math acronym used for multiplying binomials.

This is known to the world as the best math operation known to man. It is by far the most useful, this is a scientifically proven FACT and should not be disputed by anyone, ever. Doing so is punishable by death.
Courtney - "Did you hear the Bobby does not like to FOIL?"
Abbey - "He should be killed, because that is punishable by death..."
by Steve Perry! January 18, 2012
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A adjective describing any situation where one feels as though their circumstance is beyond their control. It is spoken in an exclamatory fashion in order to exert power over any said event. Through it's use a humourous response is evoked from themselves as well as those around them.

When stubbing one's toe on the way to the bathroom, it is essential to scream: "Foiled!"

It can also be used as a verb.
(i.e when watching a friend fall down the stairs, "You have been foiled!")

Foiled can also be used as ownership to one's actions.

(i.e when discovering you have ran over your neighbour's cat: "Foiled! By my inability to navigate my car!")

by Katinka Town March 3, 2009
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