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a stupid poor ass feature that is coming to minecraft in 1.15
Hey have you heard of the new feature coming to minecraft?
What is its
Person1 Its snowier snow
Person2 Why
by JonasF October 04, 2019

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Creepers fucking each other From the game minecraft
Wanna watch Creeper porn
by JonasF September 30, 2019

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Someone who is tall and also an idiot
John is a long idiot
by JonasF September 12, 2019

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A real thing google it
Brown pandas are real
by JonasF November 28, 2019

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A game where you knock on peoples doors for No reason
Hey David, Wanna play Booga Looga?
by JonasF September 14, 2019

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A very shy and sweet girl at first but once she's comfortable with you she can be the horniest bitch in the word thats like to suck big dick and get a big dildo in her asshole
Wow jessica is such a slut!
by JonasF November 23, 2019

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People living in southern sweden and norway
People living in southern Sweden and Norway are semen because scandinavia looks like a dick
by JonasF October 05, 2019

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