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1. people who just DOMINATE by accident or with little to no effort

2. a ruler
1. omg ive been playing street fighter for 10 years and this fucking khan came and dominated me.

2. Genghis Khan just wanted castles for his kids and took over half the known world!
by 4str4stamleatherbeltahh January 21, 2010
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An event or situation that is unpleasant or causes extreme distress.

Derived from Captain Kirk's famous yell of "Khaaaaaaaan!!!" in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
That sales meeting was totally khan.
by john February 23, 2004
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The leading antagonist in the episode "Space Seed" of Star Trek: The Original Series. Spawned the second Star Trek movie, titled "The Wrath of Khan". Khan was the leader of the genetically engineered "super humans" created during the fictional Eugenics War (World War III), which occured in the late 20th century. Kirk's famous outburst in the movie, in which he screams, "KHAAAAAAAAN!" is still used today to express rage at a situation.
Example of situational Khan outburst:

Guy: Oh, god! My girlfriend is sleeping with my father! KHAAAAAAAN!
by A Star Trek Fan July 12, 2009
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The name of a pose commonly used for profile pictures on social sites such as facebook. Typically the Khan is performed by a shirtless male often covered in some sort of lubricant where the male has one arm behind the head to accentuate the biceps.

Variations of 'The Khan' include

'The 2 handed (or Double) Khan' where both hands are placed behind the head. (useful in those situations where 1 hand just isn't enough) and the ever-popular 'Inverted Khan'.
I checked out you facebook profile last night. That's a nice Khan your pulling on you profile picture.
by cptchopper July 10, 2008
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Although , the name khan is prevalent almost worldwide, the true khan family are the descendents fo the Icursian tribe of ancient Egypt. Micheal Hart, one of the most famous eugenicists traced the Khans to be the true proto-hamitic or the Aryan peoples. Although the Khan families are predominantly caucasian throughout the Middle east and Europe, they also include a vast number of muslim families in places like India, China and south east asia. An interesting fact: Khan families in Europe and elsewhere have for long provided excellent athletes, musicians and actors in various countries.
for eg. Oliver khan, Justino "khan" fontaine, Omar khan(later known as Omar Sherif in the U.S), Aechillius Mehmet Khan (known as Tarkan in the Arab world), Muhammed Khan (famous French actor in the 90's).
by X2aristotle April 03, 2006
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A word used to express emotions of a variety of sort, such as anger, confusion, contentment, and so on. It depends upon the tone of voice and context to determine the specific use of the word. Most often used (and originally used by James T. Kirk) to express rage, when it is drawn out.
Anger/Rage: Person A: I got a parking ticket!? KHAAAAAAN!

Confusion/: (A clown on fire runs past singing Christmas carols) Person B: . . . Khan?

Content: (Finishes eating delicious cake) Person C: Ahhhh. Khaaan.

Shock/Surprise: (A ghost appears) Person D: KHAN!?

by Conneely November 19, 2007
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a word used to express extreme frustration or anger
derived from star trek 2
your bro: Bro?, you alright?
you: KHAN!!!!!!
by 039 December 16, 2008
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