The place where Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, and the tire hang out. Actually population: Tire
It is rumored that Trogdor comes here to provide the burninating fire for the grill.
Population: Tire
(Hey Tire!)
by Tonku November 14, 2003
the land where the tropical breezes blow. population tire. girls line up on the right for make-outs, guys on the left for high fives.
strongbad: hey man, i saw you prance around the building like five times whats up with that

homestar:no i doubt it i drove

strongbad: but you don't have a car

homestar:yea, your probably right
by underground August 2, 2003
an independent country ruled by strong bad. has a tire, a cinder block and stop sign (they are dating), and a trap for the cheat which causes a large piece of cardboard with a poorly drawn bear holding a shark to pop up.
strongbadia is the best nation in the world. after australia.
by whirlweed or the wombat lord October 6, 2003
the national anthem for strongbadia, as sung by strongbad:
Come to the place where the tropical breezes blow
Come to the coolest place I know
The people are so great, but really there's only me.
And that means I'm so great.
And also there's The Cheat.
Oh there's The Cheat, at the place where the tropical breezes blow
The Cheat, in the coolest place I know.
The Ones are always Cold, and the partys last all night.
And there's probably lots of chocolate
And population: tire.
by adam October 7, 2003
Strongbads own little plot of land he rules and owns. The place where the tropical breezes blow. The one's are always cold. The parties last all night. Lots of chocolate. Population tire.
by w00tw00t April 6, 2003
A country (who's government I assume is a communist monarchy) that was established by Strong Bad. Its population is tire.