14 definitions by John Y

same as the leaky roof except the recipient gags on the semen drops and vomits.
Jason got a flooded basement from David.
by John Y September 11, 2003
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What a girl tells a guy instead of castrating him.
What girls think is a non painful way to let a guy
Hey Lauren would u go out with me? "
"Ummm no id rather just good friends"
by John Y July 13, 2004
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A Half Mexican Gangster who rose through the ranks to become a general in the gang wars. When he is done with America whites will be the minority.
Fresh Mex just killed that OC SuUuUun
by John Y April 29, 2004
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1.A medical condition striking children that causes there hands to attract sticky substances and then deposit on just about everything.
2. The actual hands covered in the sticky substance
That bastard little kid got his damn jam hands on my cd.
by John Y December 7, 2003
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opposite of the angry dragon. When ejaculation is aobut to occur remove the penis from the mouth and blow the load in the girls nose and it slowly drips into her throat from the roof of the mouth
Jason got a leaky from Cameron, and then cameron tounged it out of his throat.
by John Y September 11, 2003
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Out performing some one with out much effort. Completely destroying the opponent
John will spit on David like it aint no thing.
by John Y September 15, 2003
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