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To look very good
John looked snazzy in his new leather jacket.
by John Y November 19, 2003

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1.A medical condition striking children that causes there hands to attract sticky substances and then deposit on just about everything.
2. The actual hands covered in the sticky substance
That bastard little kid got his damn jam hands on my cd.
by John Y December 06, 2003

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Totaly Naked Dump. The pinnacle of relaxation.
I just had the greatest t.n.d of my life.
by John Y February 05, 2004

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What a girl tells a guy instead of castrating him.
What girls think is a non painful way to let a guy
Hey Lauren would u go out with me? "
"Ummm no id rather just good friends"
by John Y July 13, 2004

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Function: noun
Date: 1875
1 : a stem-winding watch
2 from the superiority of the stem-winding watch over the older key-wound watch : one that is first-rate of its kind; especially : a stirring speech
I dont have to worry about losing my watch key because my stem winder has one built in.
by John Y September 19, 2003

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1. In Baseball when three outs are aquired in one play.
2. When a girl is triple penatrated. A penis or dildo in every hole.
John and his friends triple played a hot girl like 8 times. She liked it.
by John Y September 11, 2003

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Out performing some one with out much effort. Completely destroying the opponent
John will spit on David like it aint no thing.
by John y September 15, 2003

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