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a type of computer made by apple. macintosh generally refers to the old apples from the 80s, which were good, and the apples from the 90s, which were horrible. however, ever since Steve Jobs returned, macs became a lot better. they are probable superior to PCs in every way, except for maybe gaming, but u can always use boot camp for that. also, you can right click. most graphic artists, musicians, and cool people use them. like all computers they do crash, but less often than windows.
microhoo whos never used a new macintosh: ooooo... macs suck you cant play games of right click... they suck sooooo bad

someone who has used a modern mac: shut up (shoes thm my post)
by John Tuttle May 25, 2008
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A stupid school full of people who think that they are rich but really arn't, it's just that there parents organize silly clubs and pretend to be rich. They are well known for endorsing cheating on the AP tests and thusly getting pissed off when the College Board reports that they are shitty and have worse scores than Waubonsie, their main rival.
Neaqua Valley student: I go to Neaqua, thats right, ima rich
reality: My parents think they are rich and like to organize clubs with there wannabe rich friends and pretend to have a cool high school while using their retirement funds to spoil their kids, who all end up as losers.
by John Tuttle February 26, 2009
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(vista-ster) n. a item or service that was supposed to be nice, but ended up as a complete hash. if something is worse than the thing it replaces, it is a total vistaster. named after vista, which is microsoft's newest os/virus. basically, microsoft set out to replace xp with something better, but ended up with something far worse. related to vistastrous, adj, and vistastrously, adv. the word was coined by fake steve jobs in 2008.
I heard windows seven will be a total vistaster.

Synonyms: zuneaster, livesearchaster
Antonyms: maccess, iphoness (derived from success)
by John Tuttle May 28, 2008
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A tabb is a person of large body mass, is extremely annoying, unathletic, and eats as much food as a small Swiss village does in a year. Perhaps most annoying is that tabbs like to pretend smart.
so, this random tabb jumps in front of me and starts saying "uhma...basically...," so i say "nasa called, they say your gravity is pulling satellites out of orbit."
by John Tuttle May 02, 2008
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