Waubonsie, or Waubonsie Valley High School, is a high school in Aurora, neighboring the wealthy suburb of Naperville. (See Naperville for more detail.) One of the four major public schools in the Naperville area, it is often considered the "ghetto" school of the well-reputed and often snotty and uneventful suburb.
- "Do you go to Waubonsie?"
- "Yeah."
- "Oh, well I'll be careful not to get on your bad side!"


- "Do you go to Waubonsie?"
- "Yeah."
- "That sucks."
by An Observant student October 09, 2006
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You know you're from Waubonsie Valley when...
1. Police cars out side of school are a common sight. even at the freshmen center.
2. Theres more black kids and hispanic kids than everything else combined.
3. You realize that your the ghetto school of Naperville
4. There is no nickname for the freshmen center.
5. It takes 30 minutes to get OUT of the parking lot.
6. You've been to every single football game and you still don't know a word of the fight song.
7. You think your varsity team can beat Neuqua but deep down it's expected of them to lose...again Unless you were at the 2007 game when we actually won.
8. You know where the stoner stairway is.
9. Your graduating class lives all the way from Warrenville to Aurora.
10. You still get confused by the 3rd floor(s)
11. Neuqua may have more Grammys but we have more students with arrest records.
12. You were a student at 2 middle schools and u never moved.
13. You still don't know how to spell your high school's name or their rivals.
14. You get a school paper every month but haven't read one word of it.
15. You know more than 2 gang signs because you have friends that are in them.
16. you've been suspended for beign ina fight you never were innvolved in
17. Wendy's isn't a restaraunt it's a landmark.
18. You can succesfully get something from the vending machine while "going to the bathroom" and not get caught.
19. You can understand ebonics and spanish without ever taking a foreign language.
20. You can sleep through an entire class and still manage to get an A.
21. the most exciting part of school is when people get in fights.
22. you don't call it "waubonsie" you call it WVHS or WV
23. you know what "the freshmen hunter" is and u ve seen way too many times.
24. the nicest room in your school is the weight room (Gold Campus)
25. you wonder why the school looks liek shit but you get to use brand new laptops in biology
26. Your school spends 1.3 million on making itself "look better" but everyone still thinks it looks like shit, In fact it looks worse
27. You can smoke pot at lunch and the cop doesnt even notice.
28. They close off the whole fucking atrium just to keep the seniors from pulling a senior prank
29. When you're surprised to find that the school has something efficient - solar panels on the roof.
30. When your school changes from Coke to Pepsi half way through the school year and they charge a dollar for a pee sized gatorade.
31. Some kid gets shanked at your freshmen orientation
32. you can have a fight on every level of the school all on the same day
33. you have a bomb threat a against the school where the word "bomb" is spelled "boam"
34. you know all of these sad facts, and you are still proud to be a Waubonsie Valley Warrior!

We might not be ghetto because honestly we're not but sometimes exaggeration brings happiness to people so if you don't like it fuck off.

Waubonsie is the opposite of Neuqua. Despite popular beliefs, Neuqua is not in any way better.
Warriors know how to work for what they want, instead of having it handed to them. We're considered 'ghetto' because we're not as rich as Neuqua students, but at least we're real. oh. and we don't need law suits or money to solve our problems.
"what school do you go to?"
"waubonsie valley."
"oh. the ghetto school? ew."
**fight follows.

Neuqua may have all the cars and shit they can pay for, but at least waubonsie students have the skills to beat their asses when they get outta line.
by wvhs warriors June 09, 2008
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The first highschool in district 204. It is located in one of the largest cities in Illinois, Aurora. Sometimes compared to fellow district 204 highschool, Neuqua Valley. There is a huge rivalry between the schools. This is mostly shown through sports. Sadly, there never is any competition. This is because Neuqua Valley is superior in every way possible. Their recent claim to fame was the acquiring of highschool basketball superstar, Jon Rice. This still does not make Waubonsie Valley any more special then it is.

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
"You go to Waubonsie Valley?"
"Your school sucks."
"I know."
by GOLD RUSH February 13, 2007
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A rather large, green prison located in Naperville. Generally for the most violent teenagers.
"Good lord, LaTrondo is such a thug! I'll just send him to Waubonsie Valley High School"
by truthtimer February 21, 2009
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The bum ass niggas who keep Neuqua dick in they mouth. This word also stands for some uncle ruckus ass niggas who forget who they is. 1 out of 3 Waubonsians are broke as a mf.
Look at the waubonsie ass nigga right there.

Damn I think I just saw some waubonsie ass niggas
by Shdundd October 01, 2021
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