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A highly hallucinogenic drug which results from huffing the fumes of your own fermented fecal matter. Users claim it gives an incredible rush, and that the taste of poo only lasts for a month.
The 70's was pot. The 80's was cocaine. The 90's had meth. Jenkem is now!!!
by Joey Orgler 3 May 07, 2008
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Street slang for penis pudding.
Sperm came out of my penis.
by Joey Orgler 3 February 07, 2008
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This was an incredibly successful, albeit controversial pornographic film which surfaced on the internet in early 2007. It alleges to depict actual extraterrestrial beings engaging in sexual activity. Skeptics claim the beings are not genuine, but that their 13 inch penises are.
I just got done watching UFO Porno, and I must say, it was quite the adventure.
by Joey Orgler 3 February 08, 2008
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A notorious and brutal midget porno, in which a man is severely raped and jerked off by a gang of retarded Jamaican dwarves. It ends with a barrel of spider monkeys released onto the man's exposed and bruised body. They tickle his asshole, which initiates the largest man spooge scene ever filmed. This porno was released in the late 1970's, and can be rented and viewed at your local smut store.
l1k3 dud3 br0! I totally just went down to my local smut store and rented 18 jamaican monkeys tickle my weiner!
by Joey Orgler 3 September 05, 2008
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John Cena is a current WWE superstar. He reappeared at 2008's Royal Rumble as entrant 30, and won. Despite his history of sex offense, domestic abuse, drug use, and peeping tom-ism, he remains ontop of his game. He defeats opponents with butt sex until they submit.
John Cena vs. The Great Khali vs. Hornswoggle, I can't wait.
by Joey Orgler 3 February 03, 2008
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noun. verbal recognition awarded to those who perform bold or daring feats. Praise.

Props are trumped only by mad props.
Guy 1: Did you see Jimmy clear those stairs on his skateboard?
Guy 2: Yeah, I have to give him his props for that one.
by Joey Orgler 3 July 30, 2008
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