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The two little dimples on a girls lower back immediately above her ass.

Only appears on the fines babes.
"I did her reverse-cowgirl style so I could stare at her ass dimples."
by Joe M May 23, 2004

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* government-assisted housing (i.e. CHA, projects...)

* slang for prison
"Damn bro, dat judge gave me five years of Section 8 for that robbery!"
by Joe M May 03, 2004

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When you are parked in a near empty parking with no one directly infront of you, then someone pulls in that spot blocking your easy exit.
I went to the grocery store parking far away inorder get out quick right then someone pulls in, lot blocking me.
by Joe M July 05, 2009

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Single Income No Kids
My upstairs neighbor, a SINK, who is lonely and barren will not be happy when my wife gives birth to a loud crying baby.
by Joe M October 22, 2007

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a derogatory term used to refer to a person of obvious Polish or Russian desent. originating from the oblong-oval shape of their melons.
Boy, that Pumpkinhead is drunk!
by Joe M May 23, 2004

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an insulting term for someone that is retarded.
"Quit drooling on yourself, Banana Head."
by Joe M May 23, 2004

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