Jeremy wanted to be a dink, but couldn’t find a girlfriend, so now he is a sink.
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SINK - stands for "Single Income No Children"

(similar to DINK)
I hate when a SINK calls parents "breeders."
by C. A. M. December 6, 2008
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My upstairs neighbor, a SINK, who is lonely and barren will not be happy when my wife gives birth to a loud crying baby.
by Joe M October 23, 2007
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Straight in no kissing

The act of fucking a bitch without kissing before hand
Dude did u SINK that bitch Katie? Or did she beg u to start slow?
by The King of SINKING December 12, 2017
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A method of inhaling the contents of a bucket bong where, once the mouth has been placed over the end of the bottle, the bottle is pushed down into the water to compress the smoke and get a faster and easier hit.
Go on, sink that bong, geez.
by Saucy August 14, 2003
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An oval bowl usually made of porcelain to wash your hands. However some people tend to use it as a urinal and piss in it on a regular basis.
Please wash your hands in the sink cause god knows where you been puttin them.
by Michael Myers August 8, 2003
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