Hey my left nut hurts!
You mean your right one?
No, I mean the left one!
by augris May 27, 2009
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Is a term to tell people to fuck off because who wants only one nut especially the left one
by Left nut November 19, 2017
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A way to tell someone that they can go fuck themselves.
Some random idiot: Your friends don't like you. Me: Suck my left nut.
by PhoenixGamer34 April 12, 2021
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something that you say when you want to be provocative (especially if you are a chick) or use as a sarcastic comeback or reply. This expression is similar to kiss my ass and suck my balls
Bob: So Tina, did you like that movie?

Tina: yeah, I though tt was pretty good

Bob: Good? Dude, it completely sucked!

Tina: well you know what jerkface? You can kiss my left nut!
by kohina November 12, 2009
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an insult used to spite someone, derived from the fact that the right but is clearly superior
by a kool persono April 2, 2020
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Said when another being or said situation were to frustrate you & is said to display power or distraught. Insisting you'd rather have your left genital tickled then do what's been asked or required. Or used when someone states something you completely disagree with.
Fan girl: *singing* "what makes you beautiful" 1 Direction is amazing!!!

Daquan from the trap house: they can tickle my left nut
screw this wtf idgaf suck my dick savage
by dnajera November 11, 2014
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