type of cheese. believed to have been created by gabriella marchitelli
girl: hey whos that?
boy: its gabriella mozzarella cheese!
by myafhf August 8, 2009
A thick, white, watery substance that comes out of the vagina of a female when a female has yeast infection.
Guy1:Dude I got freaky with my girlfriend last night.

Guy2:Nice man, nice!

Guy1:Yea, I fingered her and white stuff oozed out and I licked it off my fingers, it tasted like Mozzarella Cheese.

Guy2:Dude, that's disgusting, did she have a yeast infection?

Guy1: I don't no, I enjoyed myself.
by OrangleGlowGo July 13, 2011
A dick comparable to a mozzarella cheese stick. They share similar detail including but not limited to height, width, gooey white stuff pouring out. You are ment to put a mozzarella cheese dick in your mouth.
Hey Jarod, Melissa got to suck on my mozzarella cheese dick last night.
by Masongottits January 13, 2021
The first meal L cooked for H, which is also according to L the most romantic thing he has done.

H posted a picture of L cooking this dish
I: What was the most romantic thing you’ve done for your partner?

L: I once cooked a meal, the first meal i’ve ever cooked. It was chicken stuffed with mozzarella cheese wrapped in parma ham with some homemade mashed potatoes. Turned out pretty good for my first meal. :)
by ilikecarrots28 May 14, 2022