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One who is a fan of the 60's rock band Grateful Dead, often wear tie-dye shirts and follow the band across the country on tour.
Pete's a dead-head, he went to every Grateful Dead concert this year!
by John August 31, 2003
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1. The antichrist.
2. The North Korean dictator.
3. To North Koreans Kim Jung Il is a god-like figure.
4. Deceitful
5. Kim Jung Il is referred to by the North Koreans as "Jeedoja-dongjee," meaning literally, "our comrade advisor."
by John September 04, 2003
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A party a man's friends throw for him before he gets married. There is often heavy drinking and/or strippers (i.e. all the things that he won't be able to enjoy once he's married.)
Two weeks after Tom and Becky's engagement, Tom's friends blindfolded him, threw him in the back of their car, and took him to Layla's Tongue Shop in downtown Harlem. Then next morning, still hungover, he thanked them for a great bachelor party.
by John June 12, 2007
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a really pretty girl
damn she's an ester!
by John February 03, 2005
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Often used as a quick way to burn somebody
John(staring across the lunch room at some chick): "aahhh she has such a nice ass..."
Me: " What?? is your mom at school today?
by john March 23, 2005
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a females vagina
i love to fuck pussey
by john October 24, 2003
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What one feels the day after getting completely stoned. One feels tired, lazy, and even the slightest movement requires immense effort due to the amount of tiredness. Some feel recurrences of their high when they're washed.
"dude, i cant go to her house, im waay too washed."
by John November 23, 2003
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