90 definitions by Jo

it can be used for any thing: if sum1 is funny or annoyin or stupid it fits in well with any convosation! u shud try it in ur nxt sentance
(jess tells a joke)jo:ha ha ha ya frube
(jon has annoyin jo)jo:ya a rite frube!
(lisa spilt ink on the carpet)jo: oooo lisa ya realy dense ya a rite frube!
by jo February 16, 2004
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its a cocksucker or Blow Job
your mom gave me a derad
by Jo December 08, 2003
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An overaged, wrinkly fat woman with too much sense of power.
yo momma so fat, when she went to the beach the whales jumped outta da water and started singin' "we are family, even though your fatter then me
by jo November 15, 2003
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1 A place people are from
2 A way to describe people from that place by the way they dance
1 Im from Amboy
2 OMG, did you see that girl from Amboy at the party, her ass was everywhere!
by Jo March 12, 2005
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Some kind of hairy ass woman creature whom lives in room 005
st BILL !!
by jO September 19, 2003
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To prepare the creamiest, thickest milkshake ever made. Can only be done by someone with a biology degree.
Get him to bio engineer me a milkshake
by Jo March 12, 2004
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"Look at those SHOES! How tragic!"
by Jo July 30, 2003
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