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New York Senator who will, much to the surprise of bigotrous sexist Right-wing fascists, easily snag the 2008 Democratic nomination, go on to crush the Republican nominee, become an even more effective and successful leader than her husband, and make all the Barry Goldwater disciples finally realize that no, most Americans will never think like them and they need to get over themselves and figure out how to live in mainstream 21st-century American society.
"She whould would make a good President" --John McCain, Republican of Barry Goldwaterland.
by jo March 10, 2005
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1.a awsome friend to laugh with and to talk on the fone with
marianna k is a cool person and her name is marianna
by jo January 26, 2005
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A great musician, often criticized by poor cocksuckers that don't know just how ignorant and unintelligent they are, and probably never will.
Kurt Cobain was a talented creature.
by jo June 25, 2003
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lets merge that way!

merge over there

can we merge to the movies tonight?
by jo November 30, 2003
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girl of an indian nature with thick black, greasy oiled hair normally in two french plaits. She wears thick rimmed glasses and you will normally find one hanging round the local gol gupay shop in west punjab or julander. Her actions : sniffing her finger and shouting out "MAHAAA!"
"ewwwww what the hell is that?! Oh, its just a simkaka!"
by jo April 25, 2005
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smallest pecker in the world
you have a lenko
by jo February 24, 2003
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