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A person not really gorgerous, but good enough to make out with, no strings attached.
He's not hot, but he's makeoutwithable.
by jo March 4, 2005
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1.a awsome friend to laugh with and to talk on the fone with
marianna k is a cool person and her name is marianna
by jo January 26, 2005
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a phrase for "cool" or "nice". also used to describe snow conditions.
"yo im fuckin mike's girl, man"

"thats mashed taters!"
by jo February 5, 2003
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Man with a voice who can lure you in very easily (sounds like young Lou Reed). His lyrics are original and intriguing. He's got the right attitude for where he is now, and when it comes to interviews, the boy's got wit. The man is sex.
The room is on fire as Julian Casablancas walks in.
by jo May 8, 2004
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The first raver-stage. Usually Those kids with the big pants (self-made or modified) and bright "fun" colorful clothing. Also wearing self-made pony-bead bracelets (a.k.a. kandee) that they wear as a badge symbolizing how many other ravers or party-kids they've met. Or it symbolizes how amazingly "old skool" they are, having been a raver for, like, 3 months now! Like wow!

If they're online they can be identified by their use of the word PLUR and their typing style.
"Wow, there were a lot of e-tards at that party. Did you see how many of them were Kandee Kids?"

online: "wOw, LiKe OmG! dId YoU sEe ThAt RaD hApPyHaRdCoRe Dj LaSt NiGhT aT tHaT dOpE-aSs RaVe?! *RoFl* *rOfL* *LmAo*"
by jo January 5, 2004
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The best sport consisting of racing on every level with Nextel Cup as the premiere division, Busch Grandnational Series and Craftsman Truck Series are also the premiere series of NASCAR. NASCAR Touring Series are the Featherlite Modifieds Division, Busch North, Winston West, Kodak Southeast Series, Raybestos Northwest Series, and Goody's Dash Series. NASCAR also owns the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge which is hosted at hundreds of racetracks each year.
NASCAR is longer and more exciting than Drag Racing
by jo August 8, 2003
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belonging to a particular place by birth
He is native to Connecticut.
..translates to..
He was born in Ct.
by jo March 11, 2004
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