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Can be used in a variety of ways, especially by stoners with rather limited brain capacity.
Especially useful if you cannot remember names.
''Hello face''
''Let me nelly on your face''
''You make me want to be sick on your face, face''
by Jo October 2, 2003
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1 A place people are from
2 A way to describe people from that place by the way they dance
1 Im from Amboy
2 OMG, did you see that girl from Amboy at the party, her ass was everywhere!
by Jo March 12, 2005
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jo's version of totally (see totally)
NO WAY!TOETALLY! hah u believe i talk like that u moron
by Jo March 26, 2005
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"Look at those SHOES! How tragic!"
by Jo July 30, 2003
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form of snazzy. can be used in many ways, both serious and piss-taking.
wow, that coat is so snazz
you're looking a little snazz today
yeah, that's well snazz mate (pikeyish version)
by Jo December 28, 2004
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to be well dressed, have really stylish clothes on and generally look good
wow, those earrings are looking a bot snazzy
by Jo December 28, 2004
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when you have a semi-automatic hanging around your neck resting on your chest.
"Bitch I'm from the wild, wild west. Can't you tell buy the 'S' on my chest?" -Ice Cube
by Jo March 13, 2005
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