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with the whole office in on the project the clusterfucking began
by Jester December 24, 2002
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The most understanding and loyal of the major sports fan considering that there are only three of this group that were alive the last time the Chicago team actually won the World Series in 1908.
The group is a hard core collection of roughians, rogues, and businessmen and women alike; as all people sharing the common bond of character and low expectation.
These fans often extend good sportsmanship given the fact that winning, especially late in the season is unlikely.
Great people to drink beer with.
That girl is hot, and a season-ticket holding cubs fan... I think I'm going to ask her out in October when she has nothing to do.
by Jester May 16, 2003
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Gerbil King - someone who puts gerbils in their ass and like the way they wriggle
Lemmewinksthe danger's still ahead, hurry onward lemmewinks or you will soon be dead
by Jester December 24, 2002
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To flip product. Meaning to sell drugs. Putting in works also means to sell drugs or to kill someone. Blues or smurfs is code for 30mg Roxicodone. Krills is code for crack. Rabbits means a bundle of Heroine. A bindle is 10 bundles (rabbits) of heroine. Flippin 8's means to sell a 8 ball of cocaine. A 8 ball is 3.5 grams of cocaine. P's or V's means Percocet and Vicodin. Rollers means cops. 1 time means cop coming down the block. Bread means money. Cheddar means money. Gat means gun. Heater or burner means gun..... Ebonics 101 is over. Stay tuned for Ebonics 102 coming soon. Earn your ghetto pass!
That playa slang dope when he was a kid.
by Jester July 26, 2014
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A very unique person, who tends to jump from topic to topic during conversations. Usually asks questions when confused, which can be quite often.
by Jester February 17, 2003
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This word is used by men to describe a woman who is all of the following: fat, ugly, and nappy. This insult is most commonly used in a club after being approached by one or when trying to help others avoid them.
Pat, watch out...that C-Donkey has her eyes on you!
by Jester November 24, 2004
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Booty so bad it brings tears to your eyes.
person 1: "yo, dat beotch got onion booty"
person 2: "werd"
by Jester October 29, 2003
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