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Of the Greek origin "anthropos"

1- man, human.
anthropology: study of man
anthropomorphic: shaped like man
and so on.

2- (slang) commonly used among fans of anthropomorphic or furry works (illustrations, paintings, comics, writing) as short hand for anthropomorph. While it's usage is incorrect, most people abide by the "STFU and die" rule; as in, it's become popular and recognized by such definition, though everyone knows that it's incorrect, it's too late to change it.

(Also, FIDs (Furries In Denial) must get over themselves before we can all just go back to calling ourselves furs)
1- "Next semester I'm taking Anthropology 101"

2- "I don't draw "furries", I draw anthros."
by Jester October 9, 2004
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This word is used by men to describe a woman who is all of the following: fat, ugly, and nappy. This insult is most commonly used in a club after being approached by one or when trying to help others avoid them.
Pat, watch out...that C-Donkey has her eyes on you!
by Jester November 24, 2004
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with the whole office in on the project the clusterfucking began
by Jester December 24, 2002
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you see that fembot kevin is dating?
by Jester September 30, 2003
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Having to with clothes and or fashion.
You can be considered Faconable or a Fashionista if your Couture is up to date.
by Jester November 30, 2003
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it was a sheer fluke that horse came in at all!
by Jester May 1, 2003
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