305 definition by Jessica

when a girl sucks on a guy's cock and at the same time the guy is eating her up. They are lyin crotch in the face to each other.
She sixty nined me.
by jessica February 21, 2003

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Acronym for UnResolved Sexual Tension.

Originated in the Australian TV series the secret life of us.
"Wow, check out the urst flying back and forth between those two!"

"Me and my maths teacher, we have some urst.."
by Jessica March 10, 2005

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to go crazy. to not care what other people think about you.
person 1:way to jerk it out!
person 2:yeah i know!
by Jessica February 23, 2005

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adjective; used to describe anything really far out and amazing, not necessarily lovely; an extraordinary stunt, or event. Also, onomatopoeia.
"That was/is SO gnarly!"
by Jessica February 16, 2004

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A girl who performs oral-sex on men alot
Those girls are chicken heads.
by Jessica May 10, 2003

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beautiful, hot, orgasmic
that sex last night was conor....if you know what i mean
by jessica May 08, 2004

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hitting on girls, flirting with lots of them, possibly gullible girls
He be mackin' those girls and they dont even know it
by Jessica May 10, 2003

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