215 definition by Jeremy

This disease is usually gotten by senior in highschool.

Signs of having this syndrome include:

- Changing your mind every 20 seconds for no good reason.

- Breaking up and getting back together with the same girl 3 times in the same day.

- Saying you "completely understand" when you really don't.

- Using "getting enlightened" as the excuse for everything. Including treating someone like shit because they feel it's evolutionary.

- Saying that you want to make love to someone and then within 24 hours breaking up with that same person, the reason being he "doesn't love you anymore."

If any of the signs of this syndrome are present, doctors reccommend that you stay away from this person and have him seek professional help from Jeremy Jones, who will not help you at all because he does all these things.
Man, my boyfriend just said he wanted to make love to me today. Then an hour later he broke up with me. Then an hour later we got back together. And now he doesn't know if he loves me. Do you think he has JJ syndrome?
by Jeremy January 23, 2005

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a better and more attractive way of saying: "haha word"
"oobigashlamigadoontolimbangandimatoolashcoolowcuntoechilkunticunton... that was so funny"
by Jeremy October 01, 2004

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A certaint type of shit. not as popular as the ghost shit, the crowd pleaser, or the floater

Bob: Uh Oh....

Fred: What's wrong?

Jack: what's that smell?

Bob: I just had a shakespearian shit...

Fred & Jack: ????

Bob: Thy hath shit thy self
by Jeremy August 21, 2006

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How most black people say three

Yo how much you pay for that swisha sweet?

tree dolla
by Jeremy August 14, 2006

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A euphemism for dick-sucking lips; a funny little shortening of dick-sucking lips: often used to confuse others
That girl had ducklips, for real. Damn!
by Jeremy January 31, 2004

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to stand over a woman, and then proceed to dip your smooth/rigid shaft into her oral cavity.
I wonder if that girl has experienced the gilad.
by JEREMY July 23, 2003

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sound effect when playing finger guns, to destroy someone entirely, to be cripped.
I am all like biz.
by jeremy February 06, 2003

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