To be killed; murder. the act of killng some.
Nefearious change over Victor for trying to set him up.
by Nefearious K. December 21, 2004
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a unique type of hang over you only get from a heavy night of drinking thailands chang beer.
tom - my head hurts from last night
pete - what were you drinking?
tom - chang beer
pete - man, your gonna have a chang over all day dude!!
by r374rd January 6, 2010
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the highly regrettable feeling you get the morning after of eating mass quantities of Chinese takeout ; often results in the runs , and heavy stomach aches and possible puking.
"yo brah wanna hangout today?"

"nah man im dealing with the worst chang over ive ever had , gotta lay off that shit"

"oh that sucks brah get better soon"
by peptomax April 9, 2010
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When one is in the act of switching over from working overnights to working days. Usually denoted by terrible sleep patterns during the day, evening and night.
Kyle worked his last overnight shift of the week last night, and is doing the change over cha cha for work tomorrow at 8 am.
by KGshadow October 24, 2009
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