Drinking a large amount of liquid, at once, or over a period of time.
It was hot as hell yesterday, so we filled a ice chest with Bud Light, dumped in a couple bags of ice and sat under a shady tree...swilling, and telling lies! LOL
by talk2me-JCH2 February 13, 2021
a kid who always is playing halo 3, they have no life, and they think that they are the shit because they're spoiled
"This kid has been playing all day"
"Yeah what an A Swill"
by Riley Morales November 10, 2007
the last quarter of your forty that typically tastes like shit
holy shit that is the worst fucking swill i have ever had in my life
by taste of orient April 21, 2003
1. (noun) cheap, crappy beer such as busch light or keystone light.

2. (verb) to drink alcohol quickly to get drunk.
1. (n.) Damn this busch light is some swill, next time buy some sierra nevada!

2. (v.) Yo, hurry up and swill that shit so we can go inside.
by J$$$$ October 29, 2003
The verb to be a swilly.
Fuck me, he's got a right swill-on.
by WhosYourDaddy January 14, 2004
(verb) in greenwich "to swill" is to drink and/or get drunk. this term is mostly used in the public high school...therefore, when you use the term everybody knows where you're from.
dude we're getting swilled tonight!

are you guys going to swill at the party?
by gineen November 26, 2005