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one is owns all and is sexified to unimaginable extents.

antonym: pussy, queer, homo
the karim has taken over the planet yet again
by JEN September 5, 2003
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Would be perfect were it not for all the goddamned pr0n. Stupid perverts.
I wish people would keep their disgusting fetishes in private.
by JEN September 6, 2004
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Online shorthand for "Nothing Bad Has Happened Yet"
Last week they said I might die from surgical complications, but NBHHY.
by JEN December 1, 2004
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Hey look at that little guy over there looking annoyed, he is such a Nebbia!
by JEN February 8, 2005
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An extremely common creature, generally found in urban areas of Scotland. A typical herding animal, they move in packs and pick on weaker species. All neds follow a formula in their appearance in an attempt to fit in with the group and not get their heads kicked in. The male of the species is particularly stupid, and having no guidance, only gets worse. The female of the species is very similar. Usually, neds begin to breed at about the age of 6, though pregnancy can only be achieved after the age of 12. A nedette can be expected to produce about 4 offspring every five years.
Mr Smith : Do you want some money?
Charlene : Yer maw!
Mr Smith : How about you? Do you want something to eat?
Adele : **** you!
Mr Smith : Good grief. But surely you...
JYT guy : Haw, pure mad mental!
Mr Smith : gasp
by JEN December 14, 2004
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What's a definition of nice?
Most definately not Mark McCabe
by JEN April 12, 2005
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