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You guys obviously know nothing about emo people. If you ever actually go to a concert full of emo kids you'd see that..yes, the music has truthful lyrics that are mostly about a person reacting to a sad situation...one that all of us can relate to. But you'd also see that almost everyone there is happy or laughing about something and our bands are usually telling jokes about something or pointing out good things in life. Yes, we dress in band shirts ,jeans and studded wristbands and belts and some of us wear a type of emo-punkish bordering on gothic clothing (Those of you who are familiar with My Chemical Romance know what I mean). Emo kids are not pussies and we're not miserable. We're in touch with our feelings and we're comfortable with the way we feel. We are very in tune with ourselves and with one another (even if we dont know each other)and if you see us with our friends you'd see that we're usually laughing. Yes, we do always look very loving and we are very loving and approachable. We also do not spend our time making fun of others, we respect who they are and leave it at that..maybe you preppies and "real hardcore punks" could learn a few things from us. Oh and by the way, MOST OF US DO NOT WEAR BLACK RIMMED GLASSES ANYMORE! and we're also not all white and extra small bodied either. Update yourselves a little bit.
"As long as there's good music to listen to and good rock concerts to go to, I don't think that any of us should ever feel alone." - Bert (The Used)
by jen January 4, 2005
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My crackhead cat that is named after the car!!
Enzo Fat Fuck Kitty is his name!
by jen September 15, 2004
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A show recently put on MTV. It features a 29 (yes, Google him or something) year old, chubby guy acting like a 12 year old. It's a sketch show that you'll get if you're stoned or liked Napoleon Dynamite.
I rock peas on my head, but don't call me a pea head. Bees on my head, but don't call me a bee head. Bruce Lee's on my head, but don't call me a Lee head.
by jen July 14, 2005
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a women in an sexual relationship with a man who steals him away from his friends and family by the mesemerizing power of her sexual prowess.

See also pussy control
See also girlfriend
See also succubus
See also love
Ever since Rich got that new cock anchor of his, we haven't seen or heard from him in months.
by jen December 28, 2005
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My boyfriend Adam Bishop is a fag bag sometimes.
by jen February 26, 2005
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Kickass band from Chicago, famous for "dead on arrival" and "grand theft autumn". You can see fall out boy at warped tour
"fall out boy is for lovers!"

"d00d did u c FOB at warped? it was AWSOME"

"where is your boy tonight i hope he is a gentleman and maybe he wont find out what i know- you were the last good thing about this part of town"
by jen August 29, 2004
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a girl named Nancy a.k.a. azn gigglez
She is a fayso!
by jen March 14, 2003
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