when nothing goes your way; everything you touch turns to shit
Today has been total fuckage!!!
by Moon Wizard March 31, 2009
after the act of sexual intercoarse and theres a puddle of cum where you had sex.
After I banged her I rolled over and laid right in the fuckage!
by alyons31 December 18, 2010
A percentage upcharge, added into the final bid on a contract where there is an ongoing business relationship, in which the contractor has previously been shortchanged or "backcharged" unlawfully by the customer. This percentage varies from customer to customer, and may be cumulative over time. It includes an additional percentage, to cover slow payment, demands for "free" extra work, unwarranted payment disputes, time spent on the phone with their reps explaining why they have to pay for services rendered and documented, extra time on resulting paperwork , "adjusted" bids after the work is complete, and the aggravation of knowing the customer will pull any trick they can, to force you to perform work for free, which they themselves will then happily bill their client for.
"I'm counting 43 cubic yards of debris to remove here. The customer took over two months to pay last time, then tried to get me to knock another $50 off the agreed price after the work was complete. Counting in the time and aggravation, we'll add another 4 cubic yards for fuckage...make that 5 cubic yards on principle. Bid will be to remove 48 cubic yards of debris, including fuckage."
by lowflyer December 12, 2016
an exclamation used when one is disappointed or upset.
Fuckage! Those ruddy bastards all left!
by Jen June 27, 2004
the essence and gooey physical remnants left in the bed from a night of intercourse

usual components include semen, pussy juice, lube, and occasionally blood or fecal matter
ew dude don't sit on my bed... it has all my fuckage from last night with the club ho I brought home
by pwnzone February 10, 2010