Velociraptors are the most intelligent species of dinosaurs. 12,000 years ago, they built high-tech civilizations and were far more advanced than humans are today. However, their version of the Cold War forced most of the velociraptors to escape into space once a high caliber explosive was sent their way. Being such an advanced civilization, the velocirators were able to survive in space and travel from planet to planet. This explosive was responsible for the extinction of every dinosaur (except for the velociraptors, of course). Although the other extremely-advanced velociraptors blamed the explosion on a meteorite, they died from starvation and life was restarted. Now, there are space dinosaurs.
by Pie Stealer May 16, 2014
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Person #1: I love velociraptors.

Person #2: I don't love velociraptors.

Person #1: Well everyone else does, so fuck you.
by Bucketheadfan94 December 31, 2008
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I particularly aggressive brand of cougar. A surly middle aged woman who like to hunt younger men for companionship. Velociraptors may hunt alone or they may hunt in a group. The typical cougar uses bravado to make up for ages of insecurity, she pretends to be sure of her self and hides behind the hunt. The velociraptor is much more skilled, knows the score and is capable of taking down not just cougar bait but confident young men as well.
Person 1: Why do you think A-Rod ruined his marriage to get with that nasty old Madonna?

Person 2: I don't think he had a chance once she had him in her sights, Madonna isn't a cougar, she's a full blown velociraptor. A-Rod was simply out matched.
by A. Hacker March 23, 2009
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the best dinosaur ever; Dale and Brennan's favorite dinosaur
Dale: Favorite dinosaur: 1, 2, 3...
by CherryCherryBoomBoom. November 15, 2009
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A majestic creature that has a natural stance of awesomeness. They are often run around and make high pitch noises. Most Velociraptors hunt in groups. There primary food is bacon and ice cream. Most people don't realize the full potential of a Velociraptor. They live off of laughter. Most creatures of this species have a special interest in brown, British boys, and Tumblr. They make derp faces every couple minutes. If you are lucky you might spot one.
Guy 1: Did you just see that?
Guy 2: Yeah, it was a Velociraptor.
Guy 1: What is that?
Guy 2: Just a pack of girls that run around and squeal a lot.
Guy 1: Oh. Thats cool I guess.

Guy 2: I have noticed one of them shouts YOLO when she runs by people.
by Velociraptors Are Real August 17, 2012
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When banging a chick (missionary or doggy style only) proceed to reach under the bed and pull out your 6' (5' minimum) angry iguana. Using the giant meaty tail, proceed to whip her in the face or back (doggy style only) causing lacerations only to be commonly associated with that of an attack of a Velociraptor.
I was banging this chick the other night and she was getting into it with her fingernails. Upon drawing blood, i pulled the trigger...........and gave her a Velociraptor
by Rez90 October 08, 2008
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