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The way of left handed people. The opposite direction to how the little ticky things go on your spiderman themed wristwatch.

Many things go anti-clockwise, however to list them would make the world implode.

Craig: "That girl was seriously hot! It's a shame that she walks around that lamp post in an anti-clockwise fashion."

David: "To be fair.. she is left handed."

Craig: "Urgh..."
by Jeffrey Douglas February 08, 2007
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1. Reverse of clockwise
2. Rotating in the opposite direction.
3. To make time go backward
4. Counter, un-, or non. Whenever one wants to say something that is not one way but the other.
1. My clock ticks anticlockwise.

2. Bro, which way should I pass this? Clockwise or...uh... anticlockwise?

3. When you're cruising down the street in the DeLorean about to hit 88mph. Anticlockwise.

4. Uncool - Anticool, Counterclockwise - Anticlockwise, "It's friday! But I have to wake up early for a parade tomorrow?! Anti-weekend!"
by AntiUnCool August 19, 2011
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