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-noun- A medical disorder, popularized by such celebrities as Tiger Woods and Jesse James and politicians like John Edwards, characterized by sexual promiscuity, the inability to remain monogamous, sometimes fathering illegitimate children, and the likelihood of being 'outed' with Bimbo eruptions in the tabloids.
Because he left rehab before finishing his treatment, doctors fear that Jesse's "Restless Groin Syndrome" will recur.
by Jaggsokc April 05, 2010
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A pharmacy known for making mistakes with patients medications.
When we checked the bottle, we found that 30 pills of Celexa had been filled, rather than the Celebrex Chelsea's doctor ordered. The Emergency Room Doctor recommended we take the remaining pills back to the HARMACY once the breathing tube was removed.
by Jaggsokc November 10, 2010
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noun, the female version of rudeness and obstinence (e.g. dick) that is usually applied to a man. Similar to bitch, but with a masculine flavor.
Jenna's still wearing that necklace you gave her, even after she dumped you. What a Girl-Dick!
by Jaggsokc September 20, 2008
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When you invite someone over under the pretext of watching Netflix, like Netflix and Chill, but you lure them unwillingly into a sexual act in a Cosby-esque manner, with the help of medications and alcohol.
Jane would never date a guy like Ted. His only hope to score with her would be to get her drunk and use the "Netflix and Bill" approach.
by Jaggsokc April 11, 2016
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A man who follows and never misses an episode of the Housewives of Atlanta, New Jersey or Orange County or the Desperate Housewives series in the way other men follow the Superbowl or are interested in Pornography.
Jack was officially ''outed" as a House-hag the moment his wife caught him Tivo-ing Desperate Housewives, so he could watch it when she was out shopping.
by Jaggsokc December 19, 2010
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like scapegoat, refers to the common act act of blaming a airplane crash on a flock of birds or geese, specifically.
Jack: On the news, they said the culprit in the plane that crash-landed on the Hudson River was a flock of birds that got sucked into the engine after take-off, and not pilot-error.

Jim: It's so convenient to make the birds the Scapegeese!
by Jaggsokc January 25, 2009
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Drug paraphernalia that is sold online (i.e. eBay).
We went online to make a bid on Michael Phelps's e-bong.
by Jaggsokc February 10, 2009
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