A four year university program that emphasizes maths and sciences, and their applications in many different fields of design. Known for its rigorous academics, engineering students have extremely high course loads (generally between 20-30 hours of class per week) and must spend considerable amounts of free time studying in order to keep up with said course loads.

Engineering majors are often bashed by those in programs with lesser course loads (especially business and arts) for having no social life. While it's true that we don't have anywhere near as much time to socialize as they do, we are more than capable of leading very normal social lives.

Also, engineering majors are pretty much guaranteed a job with at least 50k starting salary after finishing school.
*Arts major walks around with two sorority girls in his arms, and stops when he passes an engineering major, who is studying.*

Arts Major: "Hah, look at this loser in engineering, spending all his time studying, while I'm gettin laid!"

---Five Years Later---

*The engineering major pulls up to a drive thru window in his BMW, smoking hot wife sitting in the passenger seat. The arts major opens the window."

Arts Major: "Can I take your order?"

Engineering Major: "You were saying?"
by SuperCoolEngineer February 22, 2011
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Borderline insane pursuit of a conceptual understanding of the physical principles underlying everyday machines that can be operated without this understanding.
Mechanic: Have you ever changed your own oil?

Engineering Major: No, but do you know chemically how the gas you put into your engine produces the heat necessary to power the engine, as well as how this heat is converted to usable mechanical work?

Mechanic: ... That will be $43.50.
by Clearly written by an engineer January 25, 2012
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1. A major that many college students choose because it sounds cool and because they think they'll be making 100k a year after graduation. Most of them change their minds after failing Gen. Chem I and/or Calc I in the first semester. Those who do graduate realize their mistake when they realize that no matter how talented they are they'll have to start at the bottom for some company making 40k a year and work their way up just like any other hard working person.

2. A major that emphasizes way too much math and physics that will rarely be applied to a real world situation and not enough foreign language study, which would actually be useful.

3. aka Sausage fest.
Freshman Engineer 1: "I'm a mechanical engineering major. I heard they make like 100k to start

Other major Student 2: "Some of them do make good money, but engineering is a alot of work. Are you good at math?"

Freshman 1: "LOL no, I hate math. I'm a mechanical engineering major btw. Wha's your major?"

Other major student 2: Biochemistry.

Freshman 1: "Lame. You should do biomedical engineering. You'll make more money. The world needs more engineers you know."

Student 2: "True the world does need more engineers. Can you speak any foreign languages?"

Freshman 1: "LOL no I'm a mechanical engineering major. Not a lame communication major. Everyone should just learn English if they want to communicate with us."

Student 2: I'm sure you'll get far with that attitude.

Freshman 1: Woah bro, calm down. We got off on the wrong foot. Come to my party tonight and i'll make it up to you. It's an Engineering major only party, but i'll make an exception for you.

Student 2: No thanks, I hate sausage fests.
by GoAngelo2890 January 20, 2014
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